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07.01.08 Fall Prevention Programs Shed Light on Seriousness of Injuries for Mature Adults

Nearly one-third of US seniors will experience a fall this year

CERRITOS – Last year, legendary basketball coach John Wooden and former First Lady Nancy Regan shared what many seniors experience every year: they were hospitalized after they fell in their homes. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one in six Americans 65 and older have suffered a fall in the past three months, making falls the leading cause of injury deaths for the elderly.

Fall related injuries can be life threatening to seniors and often limit the ability to live independently, which is why CareMore offers a number of fall prevention services aimed to help seniors minimize their risk.

The services include the Fall Prevention Program, which is offered to seniors who have experienced a recent fall and provides a comprehensive evaluation, including vision, hearing, and medication review.

Many medications can cause unintended consequences including falls. CareMore clinicians review the medications and make necessary changes to decrease the risk of falls. The Strength Training and Exercise Program helps combat muscle weakness, a major contributing factor in falls, by giving seniors the opportunity to work with trained staff in developing an exercise program that will strengthen muscles and increase stability.

CareMore also offers a nutritional product benefit to cover the cost of vitamins such as Calcium and Vitamin D, which are essential in preventing osteoporosis and thinning of the bones. “It is important for seniors to be aware of what they can do to help prevent falls,” said Dr. Balu Gadhe, CareMore Medical Officer. “Simple actions such as regular exercise, taking vitamins and avoiding ‘clutter’ in the house can play a vital role in helping seniors stay healthy and maintain their independence.”

CareMore offers the following tips to help seniors lower their risk of falling:

1 - Remove area rugs at home or place non-skid treads under the rugs

2 - Replace dim, burned out or glaring lights with bright soft white light bulbs

3 - Use a night light Keep a flashlight available

4 - Use a raised toilet seat and safety frame for ease in getting up and down

5 - Store items at waist level

6 - Keep telephone within easy reach

7 - Get up slowly after you sit or lie down

8 - Keep emergency numbers in large print near your telephone

9 - Use non-slip mats in the bathtub and shower

10 - Consider wearing an alarm device that will bring you help fast in the event that you fall.