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12.23.08 SSC Helps Eligible CareMore Members receive valuable social service assistance

Social Service Coordinators Incorporated

Maximizing the Benefits of Medicare

SSC helps eligible CareMore members receive valuable social service assistance

CareMore is proud to partner with Social Service Coordinators (SSC), the leading provider of outreach and advocacy services to managed care organizations. SSC currently administers a comprehensive outreach initiative to CareMore members eligible for – but not enrolled in – a broad range of government and other community assistance programs. The partnership increases awareness of -- and participation in -- many federal, state and community programs for which CareMore members may qualify. Through this unique service, those members most in need can receive many valuable benefits to which they are entitled. This social service, which is encouraged and overseen by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), is referred to as “dual eligible outreach.”

According to some studies, 35% of some 44 million Medicare Beneficiaries are low income – living below or near poverty level. Meanwhile, there are programs that save millions of people with Medicare up to $1,156.80 each year. These programs are known as “Medicare Savings Programs” and “Medicare Part D Extra Help” and can pay for some or all of an individual’s Medicare Part B premium ($96.40 a month in 2009) as well as reduces their Medicare Part D prescription drug co-payments.

Through its specialized teams of advocates and regulatory experts, SSC provides education and application assistance at no charge for enrollment in programs designed to enhance the quality of life for older adults and disabled individuals. These often unknown programs can reduce -- or even eliminate -- the financial burden of monthly premiums and other out-of-pocket expenses for CareMore members.

Additionally, CareMore offers the unique Golden Touch™ benefit that is designed to help older adult and disabled members learn about – and take advantage of -- a broad array of valuable social programs; from energy, nutrition and telephone cost assistance to transportation and property tax programs.

On behalf of CareMore, SSC interviews eligible members to determine what, if any, social programs they are currently participating in and what programs they would likely qualify for (using SSC’s specially-designed Social Service CheckUp™) and educates the member on the financial or in-kind benefits those programs offer.

Golden Touch brings much-needed relief from some of the financial challenges facing the growing number of CareMore’s older adult and disabled members. SSC has developed an extensive database of over 3,000 public and privately-sponsored social programs in all 50 states. This enables SSC advocates in a single interview to determine what programs a member may qualify for. From there, the appropriate applications are completed electronically for submission to the program sponsor.

If you are interested in learning more about programs that you may qualify for, please contact SSC’s Outreach Center directly at 1-866-242-1285.