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No Need to Visit Doctor All the Time – Local Seniors Just Put Arm in a Cuff or Step on a Scale at Home and Health Care Team Monitors Condition from Office

MODESTO – Monica Johnson and Delbert Benedix, both Modesto residents, are no strangers to the doctor’s office, but they rarely need to go anymore, thanks to new wireless technology being offered to seniors in the area.

Johnson suffers from high blood pressure and simply slips her arm into a “BP Manager” blood pressure cuff at her home. Benedix suffers from congestive heart failure and just steps on his “Body-Manager” scale. Data is then sent electronically to their doctors’ offices at CareMore.

“I’ve had to deal with high blood pressure since the 70s,” said Johnson. “This technology has helped make my condition much more manageable.”

Every morning Johnson wakes up and puts on her “BP Manager” blood pressure cuff which measures her blood pressure and heart rate. The results are sent to her healthcare team via her telephone line. Similarly, Benedix wakes up and steps on his “Body-Manager” scale. CareMore gave Johnson and Benedix the blood pressure and scale monitors to help keep a close watch on their conditions without having them come into the office.

“If her blood pressure is high, or his weight is abnormal, we are alerted and then we take immediate action,” said Reginald Casilang, a CareMore nurse practitioner who oversees the remote monitoring program.

“If I gain even five pounds, CareMore is on the horn,” said Benedix. “It’s nice knowing that I’m being monitored even when I’m not right in front of a doctor.”

Made by Ideal Life, Inc., of Toronto, Canada, the wireless health monitoring devices represent a breakthrough approach to monitoring high risk elderly patients who don’t have access to transportation to see their doctor or would enjoy the added convenience of being monitored from their homes. CareMore is the only program to use the new technology to improve the overall health of its members.