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Innovative and focused healthcare for Medicare beneficiaries. Education and support for families and caregivers. Prolonging active and independent living for our members. It's what we do.

CareMore offers a variety of health plans for Medicare beneficiaries including plans for low income Medicare beneficiaries, people with chronic illnesses and those living in skilled nursing facilities. With excellent physicians and hospitals to choose from, you'll finally get the healthcare you deserve.

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Specialized Care Treatments
Specialized Care Treatments
CareMore offers specialized care programs, tailored to the needs of seniors. Through pro-active care, we help prevent serious health problems.
CareMore Care Centers
CareMore Care Center
Get excellent care in a comfortable and accessible environment. CareMore Care centers are especially designed for senior health care.
Exercise and Strength
CareMore offers members access to several facilities that provide a supervised strength-training program for mature adults.
Healthy Start Program
New members receive a comprehensive medical assessment at one of our CareMore Care Centers as soon as you enroll.